[mythtv-users] Fullscreen SNES games. Howto

Don Brown don at donbrown.ca
Fri Jul 22 11:24:30 EDT 2005

I've wanted to do this for awhile, but never bothered checking it out until 

I'm using Myth 18.1 on FC3, and the snes9x emulator.

AFAICT, to run in fullscreen mode, snes9x needs to access the memory 
directly.  It wants access to /dev/mem.

First thought was to 'chmod 0666 /dev/mem' (as root of course), but that 
didn't make any difference.

Next thought was to run snes9x as root.  AND IT WORKED.  so, to make this 
run from the mythgame interface, I ran the program as root, via 'chmod 
4755 /usr/bin/snes9x' which sets the user sticky-bit, so it runs as the 
owner (root on my machine)

And all was well in my world.

Now, you're running a program that directly access memory as root.  Is this 
a good idea?  Hell no.  Is it worth worrying about? I'll leave that up to 
you.  You must decide if you want to take the security risk compared to the 
full-screen enjoyment.

HTHSomebody else,

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