[mythtv-users] Remote question

Joe Votour joevph at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 22 11:33:34 EDT 2005

I believe that Hauppauge will sell the newer remote
(included with the PVR-150) directly without buying a
card (but you have to buy it from their website).  I
recall the price being somewhere between $15-$25.

Alternatively, you can use any remote that will output
 a RC-5 signal with the IR receiver on the PVR-250 and
PVR-350 (I think my old WinTV Go also worked, but I
don't remember), including universal remote controls.

I use an URC-6131, which has PVR buttons already on
it, and is nice and compact, but many others will
work.  I recommend something from One For All, since
they are nice remote controls, have advanced key
mapping functions (using advanced key codes, with
OFA's keymover function, I was able to map every
usable button on my remote), and heck, one remote for
everything is nice (I have the same remote controlling
my TV, MythTV machine and my XBox).  Some of the
higher-end OFA remotes are also JP1 programmable, if
you're into that kind of thing (my URC-6131 is, but
only after soldering on an EEPROM and pin headers).

I have full details on how I setup my URC-6131 remote
control at my website (specific page is
http://www.vulturesnest.net/mythtvremote.html).  The
config files there are a bit dated, but give you a
general idea of what needs to be done.  (In fact, I am
working on updated configurations to upload).

-- Joe

--- Brady <liquidgecka at gmail.com> wrote:

> You never know just how much you love something
> until it is taken away.
>  About four weeks ago one of the drives in my
> Mythbox died. Luckily it
> was under warranty so I'm not out any money or
> anything. Problem is
> that I had to bring the box to the University I am
> studying at to get
> it fixed. So now until I go home in 3 weeks I have
> no mythtv running.
> I kind of figured it would be easy.. boy was I
> wrong.
>  Anyways, back on subject.
>  In the process of getting everything fixed the
> Hauppauge remote I was
> using went AWOL. Anybody know either: a place that
> will let me buy a
> new remote (not the card, just the remote) or a
> remote that I can use
> with the Happauge receiver that works without much
> fuss?
>  And to all you Myth TV developers, support crew,
> and anybody else
> that is generally involved with this project: Great
> Job! I have never
> had software become this important to me without
> realizing that I was
> using it so often =)
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