[mythtv-users] TV versus GUI Clarification

Steve Nuffer nuffersp at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 22 07:16:22 EDT 2005

I'm a little bit confused between when changing the GUI parms versus TV Playback.

I have a 32" TV with TV-Out (SVideo) on a PVR-350.

The TV appears to be fine but the Guide and TV information sometimes are cut off.  The current values for the GUI appear to be fine for the Myth Menus.  The guide when playing TV on the other hand appears to need an offset from the top-left corner.  The inforrmation on the current channel gets cut off if there description of the show is more than 2 lines long.

Do I change the GUI or Playback?  Anything but the actual playback of TV, recordings, and DVD is considered GUI?

TV Playback Settings
Vertical over/underscan %: 5
Horizontal over/underscan %: 5
Scan Displacement(X): 0    <-- Not sure when to change displacement values
Scan Displacement(Y): 0   

GUI Settings
GUI width (px): 660
GUI height (px):  450
GUI offset (px): 22
GUI offset (px): 21
Use GUI size for TV Playback: False

Font Size: Default
Small Font: 13
Medium Font: 15
Big Font: 25

Appreciate any assistance you may provide.

Fedora Core3
MythTV 18.1

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