[mythtv-users] pcHDTV3000 and PVR-150 together?

Greg Woods greg at gregandeva.net
Fri Jul 22 11:06:48 EDT 2005

Has anyone actually successfully used a pcHDTV3000 and a PVR-150
together in the same machine? In the end, I'd like to use the PVR-150 as
the main tuner for analog cable, and use the 3000 for OTA HDTV via an
antenna. Can this be done? Right now I've got FC3 with a 2.6.10 kernel.

I originally had the 3000 only and the machine worked mostly OK (when I
didn't mess up the config parameters )-:  I tried adding the PVR-150 and
installing ivtv, but the new card doesn't work. I can configure it in
Myth, but tuning to it produces only a black screen with brief streaks
of color. xawtv segfaults when given /dev/video1.

I suspect the root of this problem is that I'm trying to use two
different drivers for two similar devices (as far as the kernel is
concerned). They are both /dev/video devices with major number 81, so I
suspect that means I have to find one driver that works for both. I
don't think I can use v4l (cx*) for the 3000 and then try to use ivtv
for the 150. Is there a driver that works for both? If not, I'll
probably remove the 3000 and use the 150 only with ivtv drivers; I
gather that is known to work and I don't have any HD content yet anyway.

If I do use two cards, can I use the same video source for both given
that they are both connected to the same cable source, or would I need
to create a second exactly identical video source?


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