[mythtv-users] pcHDTV 3000: Questions from a MythTV newbie

David Sims dl.sims at comcast.net
Thu Jul 21 22:02:49 EDT 2005

Take a look at this thread:


Sounds like you might have the same problem.

I think the long term answer is to figure out how to use the dvb  
drivers.  I'm still using the v4l drivers with my hd-3000, because  
that's what I got working first and haven't taken the time to get the  
dvb drivers working.  I've had difficulty like you have with them, but  
I honestly haven't spent much time on it.

- David Sims

On Jul 21, 2005, at 10:14 AM, blrogers at ieee.org wrote:

> All,
>    I've been scanning the archives of this list for
> quite some time now and I had a few questions
> regarding the pcHDTV 3000 and it's compatibility with
> Myth on Fedora Core 3.
>    I've compiled the drivers xine-hd (comes with the
> pcHDTV card) and tested HDTV reception and NTSC
> reception.  Both work great.  I used xine to test the
> HDTV (ATSC) signals and tvtime to test NTSC.  I am
> using the v4l drivers, not the DVB drivers for reasons
> I'll discuss in a second.
>    When I load the v4l drivers (modprobe cx88_atsc)
> the cx88xx drivers (NTSC) load as well as the ATSC
> drivers.  This creates several devices (duh), namely
> /dev/vbi0, /dev/video0, and (I think) /dev/audio0.
> The ATSC device is created as /dev/video1.  To get
> xine to recognize /dev/video1 as the ATSC driver, I
> made a symbolic link to /dev/video1 called /dev/dtv.
> This works great.  However, when I try to set up Myth
> to read this card (I am using Myth 0.18.1), the ATSC
> card is not recognized.  I can set up NTSC, but if I
> erase all those card settings and try to set up an
> ATSC card, mythsetup just tells me that it couldn't
> find inputs for the device (I know that they are
> there, though, because xine works great).  I have
> tried to every possible combination of Global TV
> settings (NTSC with standard TV, ATSC with HDTV, NTSC
> with HDTV, etc), just on a whim that it might work.
>   So why am I not using the DVB drivers?  When I load
> the pcHDTV DVB drivers (modprobe cx88_dvb), several
> devices are created (/dev/dvb0.dvr0,
> /dev/dvb0.frontend0, etc).  However, I don't know how
> to use these devices and none of the programs from
> interpreting DVB seem to recognize or even look for
> these devices.  Since, I could test and the v4l
> drivers and confirm that they work, I went that route.
>   My system is built on the default FC3 load (kernel
> 2.6.9), one pcHDTV card, nVidia FX 5200, 2.8 GHz HT
> pentium 4, if that helps.  I guess my real question is
> what MythTV is looking for to discover the v4l ATSC
> driver and if I should be using DVB drivers, how
> should I configure them?  I installed Myth with the
> RPMs available on atrpms (myth-suite package).
>   If anyone could clear up the confusion that I'm
> having, that would be great!  I would hate to have to
> spend the time to rig up a pseudo-PVR replacement.
> Thanks!
> -B
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