[mythtv-users] Ready for use?

gLaNDix (Jesse Kaufman) glandix at lloydnet.org
Thu Jul 21 17:05:33 EDT 2005

Chris Lopeman wrote:
> Hi All,
> And I know it is not released yet.

huh?  have you checked the website?  version 0.18.1 was released on may 16th

> This coupled with the high activity of people having problems on the mailing 
> list, leads to a question.

well, of course!  why would people have anything to post if they weren't 
having problems ... you really can't assume anything, since you don't 
know (and really no one knows) the ratio of people posting 
questions/problems to people not posting because they aren't having any 
problems! :)

> Is anybody successfully using mythTV on a regular basis?  I just don't 
> want to put something together that is going to have problems with basic 
> functionality every other day.  Or is gonna work but look like crap on 
> my TV.

yup ... i don't use a lot of the advanced stuff ... for me, it's mostly 
a nice, easy-to-use (my 4.5yo son knows how to work it via the remote!) 
interface for ripped movies, dvd movies, and mp3 files ... also, i use 
mythweb often to lookup what's showing on tv w/o having to wait for the 
tv guide channel

(oh, and it looks GREAT!!!  dvd movies on this BLOW away dvd movies from 
an old borrowed set-top-box dvd player i used to use!!!)


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