[mythtv-users] Aopen XCcube as frontend

Stephen Williams stephen.gw at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 04:33:35 EDT 2005

On 7/20/05, David Maher <dm at netsol.com.au> wrote:
> Has anyone out there set up an Aopen XCcube as a myth front end? I am in
> the process of doing this with FC4 and would appreciate any tips for the
> remote etc.
> Regards
> David

I'm also using an nforce2 based xcCube as a combined frontend /
backend. Using a homebuilt VGA -> SCART converter for TV-out, 2 DVB-T
cards (one PCI, one USB 2.0) with an XP 2400+ cpu.

For a remote i'm using a small serial based receiver bought from
Zapway (http://www.zapway.de) which works perfectly.

No real problems, I originally installed from a Knoppmyth CD but now
it's pretty much standard Debian.

The only slight annoyance is the inability to disable the PC speaker
at startup... But then i'm being fussy.


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