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Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 00:36:00 EDT 2005


Great NEWS!
> So now the $65,000 question: is there any way to recover the old
> recordings made while things while things were set wrong now that I know
> exactly what *was* wrong? It turns out that my MythTV and my VCR decided
> to screw up on the same night and I missed getting the recordings of the
> premier of SciFi Friday; new season-premiere episodes of three of my
> wife's favorite shows. I sure could increase the WAF for MythTV a lot if
> I could somehow recover those garbled recordings so we could see those
> missed episodes thanks to the fact that I had MythTV!

That'll be quite tricky.  The recording you have is the one that is
garbled.  The very unlikely scenario would be that you record
everything in high quality, and transcode down to an acceptable
resolution/quality using your recording profiles.  IF this is the
case, then there may be an original still on your system somewhere
that is in good shape.  The trick is to use an external program
(mplayer) to play the files to find the one you need.  When transcode
does this, if your settings say to keep the original recording (or
rather termed in the negative to say "Dont delete original
recordings") then the original is renamed to $1.old where $1 is the
filename.  So you would have 2 files of the same name, simply with one
ending in .old (and usually a larger filesize).

If not, the short answer is no.

Glad you got things worked out.


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