[mythtv-users] Patch: Add Apple Movie Trailers to MythStream

Michael Knoll michael.knoll at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 22:03:17 EDT 2005

I wrote a patch to MythStream and a couple harvesting scripts to
browse Apple's Movie Trailers in MythStream.  It's a big hack right
now.  Since a MythStream harvester requires a URL to grab, but I can't
grab the URLs with MythStream since they check referrers, I had to
fake a valid URL, with a parameter as the true URL I was after.  I
then added the URL to the arguments list in calling the harvester.

I would have liked to be able to just specific a harvester in
MythStream with parameters, and have MythStream just run the harvester
and not try to get any URL.  This solution would not fit in available

So, here's the patch if anyone is interested:



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