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Greg Woods greg at gregandeva.net
Wed Jul 20 00:26:03 EDT 2005

On Tue, 2005-07-19 at 01:15 -0600, Chad wrote:

> Now go ahead and start mythfrontend and flip down to the Setup button,
> and then to TV Settings.  In here we will try a couple things, after
> changing 1 thing, test your playback.  I suggest testing playback
> using "LiveTV" instead of a recording, just to make sure it's not the
> recordings fault ;)

Although I have made some progress, I am more confused than ever. The
progress I have made is that Watch Live TV now works. I even found the
thread on out-of-sync audio, and got rid of the echo with some "amixer"
command lines I found there, so nobody tell me I should have searched
the archives. I always do, but as someone else recently pointed out, if
you don't know what keywords to search for, you won't always find the
answer to your question. And if you don't know a lot about the technical
terms surrounding TV signals and video formats, it's difficult to know
what keywords to search for. I am not lazy, just ignorant, so please
forgive me if I ask a question that has already been answered (I'm happy
to go read the old answer as long as I know where to find it).

But, I still get venetian blinds when I schedule a recording (and I'm
pretty sure that if I search for "venetian blinds" in the archives, I
won't find anything except my own thread :-) Very puzzling, since my
understanding is that Live TV is actually implemented by recording it
and playing it back, and it works in this circumstance, but does not
work when it is a scheduled recording. Are there any parameters that are
different between the two that I should look at, and before I go on to
try the rest of Chad's suggestions below?


> Go into the Playback button screen and check that:
> Deinterlace is UNchecked.  We will first check to see if that change
> alters your video output.  Now go back out to the main screen and
> "Watch TV".  I will assume (from this point forward basically) that
> this didn't work.  If it did, stop here :D
> Next, go back and check the box.  You probably should go back and
> check the output, but I'd move onto the next section first.  Check the
> box, and go to the next option and change it to bob (2x framerate).
> Leave the filters section blank... For now.
> Uncheck all 4 boxes below the filter box.  Aspect override should be
> off.  Go through the screens until you see Hardware Decoder Settings. 
> IF you don't have an Nvidia 440 MMX or better (or better is vague if
> you don't know about video cards, but basically if you don't have an
> nvidia at all, uncheck both boxes at this screen.  If you do have an
> nvidia card, and it's newer than 1-2 years, you probably have at least
> a 440 MMX or better) make sure that the Xvmc box is unchecked.
> Now comes the tricky section that is far over my head.  The overscan
> screen.  Feel free to play with settings here, I don't personally
> change them, so I suggest to leave them alone.  BUT, if all else
> fails, it might be something worth plugging away on.
> Go ahead and click through to Finish.
> If all of this fails, I'd jump back out and drop the database.  If
> this is an "all-in-one" setup, meaning the backend/frontend and
> database are all on the same machine.  If it is, then here's how you
> can drop the database without sacrificing anything in the long run:
> su -
> to root, then:
> Kill any mythbackend processes:
> killall mythbackend (or however you normally do this if you "normally" do)
> And then dump the db:
> mysqldump mythconverg > mythdb.sql
> Here I am assuming that you have used default names for databases et
> al.  If not, you will hopefully remember what it's called here.
> Now the database is still there, you have only made a backup copy.  So
> we need to actually drop the db now.
> If you aren't comfortable doing this, feel free to disregard my advice
> at anytime.  Tinkering with db's can sometimes be a bit more of a let
> down than it should be.  If you don't care at this point, then let's
> move on.
> Log into mysql (still as root):
> mysql -u root -p
> Supply the root password.  If you don't get in with that, you will
> need to look at resetting the root password for your database. 
> Hopefully, you are in, and at a mysql prompt:
> mysql -u root -p
> Enter password: 
> Welcome to the MySQL monitor.  Commands end with ; or \g.
> Your MySQL connection id is 11392 to server version: 4.0.24
> Type 'help;' or '\h' for help. Type '\c' to clear the buffer.
> mysql> 
> Here we dump the db:
> DROP database mythconverg;
> The semi colon is necessary.
> Now...  You will be to create this db when you run mythtv-setup (as
> you were when you first installed mythtv).  This *should* give you a
> clean db to start with, and see what is unveiled.
> If this all fails, the backup we made above can be fed back into mysql with:
> mysql mythconverg < mythdb.sql -u root -p
> Again, supply the root password (hopefully we got past this point earlier).
> And now all should be back to (ab)normal as it currently is.
> Well, that's about all I can think of for now, I'm really surprised
> someone else hasn't chimed in with the 1 liner that I'm obviously
> missing.
> Good Luck!
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