[mythtv-users] MythShyte: One unhappy customer

Darren Coleman daz at superficial.net
Tue Jul 19 16:31:13 EDT 2005

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> antec wrote:
> > 25fps
> > no HD
> > no xvmc
> > 512Mb ram
> > VIA chipset
> > 640x480resolution
> >
> > the pauses were less on the 1Ghz, so the system was marginally faster,
> > but still paused. I cant imagine what would happen if I tried to
> > record something!
> Just an FYI, if you are watching Live TV, you are both recording and
> watching at the same time.
> If both are happening in software, you are putting more of a load on the
> system than you might think.
> Kevin

I definitely agree with this.

(I forgot to mention I'm using a PVR 350 - so hardware encoding here).

You are not going to get fluid PVR on a 1Ghz processor with software
encoding - it's that simple.  It doesn't matter whether its Myth, Sage,
Windows Media Centre or anything else.

If you truly want to watch live TV then just install xine or equivalent, and
type: xine fifo://dev/video0 (or whatever ivtv creates).  You won't be able
to record anything, or have an EPG, or any of the other niceties that Myth

If you stick diesel fuel in a car, and fit it with 4 bald tyres you can't
complain when it doesn't perform like it was supposed to.


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