[mythtv-users] MythShyte: One unhappy customer

Jake jakeisawake at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 16:03:03 EDT 2005

wow, not sure whether this e-mail is flame-bait or what.  the question
i have for you is why you would try to fix what you perceive to be a
software problem with hardware.  you also left a few crucial details
out of you e-mail, mainly what capture card are you using, what
resolution are you capturing at and what bit rate.

personally, i have a combined frontend backend with a few pvr-250's in
it that is a measley Athlon 800 with a tnt2 ultra for the vid card and
it happily decodes mpeg2.

not sure why you "* bought and installed a geforce card
* got xwindows working with nvidia
* upgraded machine to a P3-1Ghz. (not a celeron!)" needed to do all that.

anyway, hope that is of some assistance though i'm sure plenty of
people are staying away from this thread just because of the title ;).

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