[mythtv-users] Preview images not generated for imported recordings

Louie Ilievski loudawg at comcast.net
Sun Jul 17 02:15:28 EDT 2005

Hi all.  A few days ago I started from scratch with a new machine and created 
my new myth box.  Before doing so I backed up most of my recordings using 
nuvexport.  They imported just fine on the new box by passing the sql 
statements generated by nuvexport into the new mysql.  My problem is that in 
the Watch Recordings page, all of the preview images show up as nothing but 
black.  In MythWeb, nothing shows up at all.  Is there something in the 
database or somewhere else that I can change to trigger the backend to 
generate these thumbnails again?  Note that any new recordings that this new 
machine has recorded have their preview images generated just fine.  Thanks 
for any help.

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