[mythtv-users] venetian blind picture

Greg Woods greg at gregandeva.net
Sat Jul 16 15:49:04 EDT 2005

Chad, thanks for responding.

On Sat, 2005-07-16 at 11:16 -0600, Chad wrote:

> It reads to me like you are describing interlacing.  When I first
> fired up a recording with my pchdtv 3000 interlacing stuck out like a
> sore thumb.  You could try passing parameters to your playback
> software to deinterlace

I have tried playback with "deinterlace during playback" on and off, it
makes no difference. Old recordings look fine either way, new recordings
look like venetian blinds.

> , OR you can deinterlace during recording

I have not been able to find where this is set. 

>  it seems that you aren't using HDTV

No, not yet. I plan to get digital cable eventually, but from what I've
read on this list, I shouldn't have bothered with a capture card because
it seems like firewire is the only thing that works with a digital cable

> The recording profiles is where this option is given, adjust the one
> you use (default probably) accordingly.

I have never figured out whether I should be using RTjpeg or MPEG-4 as a
codec. Under RTjpeg, there are no options at all that have anything to
do with interlacing (that I can find). Under MPEG-4, there are "Enable
Interlaced DCT encoding" and "Enable interlaced motion est". Neither is

> If you are trying to capture (not the right word,
> but...) HDTV using your card

No, not yet. I just got this card because eventually I want to go to
digital cable or satellite with HDTV, and at the time I bought it, I
thought I might not be able to get one at all unless I got it before
July 1, so yes, I have an HDTV capture card, but I don't have anything
with HDTV signals hooked to it yet, just plain old analog cable.


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