[mythtv-users] Can it really take over a day to export a DVD 1 hour long?

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Thu Jul 14 05:13:22 EDT 2005

On Thu 14 July 2005 09:31, ffrr wrote:
> I am seeking to understand what the difference is, and how to avoid long
> processing runs.  Your comment about noise reduction was something I
> actually read about already, but thanks anyway.  Still doesn't explain
> the difference.  Were you using --transcode,  or ffmpeg ?  I can export
> it to VCD format (more processing I would have thought, because the
> change is greater) in about 1 hour or so using ffmpeg, but as yet the
> version of ffmpeg I have found, doesn't support DVD output.

Ahh - sorry I didn't read your original post well enough. I'm using ffmpeg. 
The latest CVS/SVN version of ffmpeg is the one you want.

> I have just found some info that the DVB-T card outputs DVD suitable
> mpeg anyway, so maybe I can avoid the transcode step.  I have much to
> learn though  :-)

The mpeg is DVD suitable but it still needs processing (I think) to strip out 
the unused data (teletext/subtitle streams). If I am wrong here, someone 
please tell me! If I could reduce the time & work of exporting to DVD further 
I would be very interested.

I am also exporting DVB-T recordings - mostly films. I've been a little 
suprised that most of what I export doesn't even use half the DVD. I'm 
thinking of fitting two films onto each DVD in future - I just need to create 
a script to automate menu creation.
Stuart Morgan

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