[mythtv-users] Can it really take over a day to export a DVD 1 hour long?

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Thu Jul 14 04:31:42 EDT 2005

Stuart Morgan wrote:

>On Thu 14 July 2005 08:45, ffrr wrote:
>>nuvexport --transcode
>>and exporting about 50 minutes of video into DVD format.  It's been
>>running nearly a day and is only at about 60%.
>>This machine is only a 2.2GHz AMD, but still...   !!!
>Did you choose the noise reduction or whatever it is? That uses a huge amount 
>of CPU and adds hours to the export - it doesn't seem necessary to me. 
>Without it, it takes 2 1/2 hours on my machine.

No I didn't choose noise reduction.  Searching through the mail list 
archive, I see various reports that it takes all sorts of times.   Some 
people, like you, say it is hours.  I saw others, one for example, said 
it took 4 days!   

I am seeking to understand what the difference is, and how to avoid long 
processing runs.  Your comment about noise reduction was something I 
actually read about already, but thanks anyway.  Still doesn't explain 
the difference.  Were you using --transcode,  or ffmpeg ?  I can export 
it to VCD format (more processing I would have thought, because the 
change is greater) in about 1 hour or so using ffmpeg, but as yet the 
version of ffmpeg I have found, doesn't support DVD output.

I have just found some info that the DVB-T card outputs DVD suitable 
mpeg anyway, so maybe I can avoid the transcode step.  I have much to 
learn though  :-)

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