[mythtv-users] What's a good mini front-end-only box?

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 18:42:27 EDT 2005

On 13 Jul 2005 15:31:58 -0700, Jim Reith <reith at racores.com> wrote:
> >On 7/13/05, Reza Naima <reza at reza.net> wrote:
> >>  i'm currently using an x-box which seems grossly underpowered.  does
> >>  anyone have any suggestions for a good cheap front-end-only box?
> >>  Something that's good looking.  I've got an hdtv w/ vga&dvi inputs.
> >>
> >>  thanks,
> >>  reza
> >>
> >
> >As John mentioned I like my Pundit-Rs. I have 4 of them. Very nice.
> >Reasonable quiet, but not silent. The only problem I'm having with
> >MythTV right now is that I cannot keep the StreamZap remotes I bought
> >working with Myth. The work for a day and then stop. I think this is
> >more an lirc problem but it's an issue you might want to think about
> >before you buy.
> Funny you should mention that. You helped me get mine working last
> night but when I went up this morning to use it, it was frozen. i did
> a cold reboot and it was fine. later in the day it was frozen again.
> I did a WARM boot and it was also fine. I've been booting a lot today
> figuring out the X Server/PVR-350 tv-out issue (no luck yet)

Hi Jim,
   I'm glad if any of the info/ideas I gave you helped.

   The StreamZap problem, and this is specifically a StreamZap
comment, is supposedly known and a fix was put into lirc CVS. I built
that and it didn't work for me at first. My Gentoo  machines are udev
and it appeared that somethign wasn't creating all the devices
required to make it work. However I found that if I installed an older
lirc from portage and then built the new lirc on top of it that it
would work for a day, but after rebooting it was gone.

> >
> >Anyway, I own 4 and I'd buy 4 more today if I needed to, but ONLY for
> >frontend ONLY. The PVR-xxx cards do not fit in them easily so they are
> >of no value to me as backend machines.
> >
> >SATA performance is low right now.
> do they really need much of a disk since they are a front end? Have
> you got a pointer handy to them so I can look at specs? i might need
> a couple of front end machines for this box also

No. In fact on my frontend only SATA & PATA PUndit-R machines I'v
einstalled laptoptools and I spin the drives down once mythfrontend is
up and running. The machines seem happy with only 256MB running
fluxbox and mythfrontend. The machines are pretty minimalistic but
quite nice for watching TV.

For a little while I could actually shut the machine down with the
remote control also. That was nice when I didn't want to get out of
bed at the end of the day.


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