[mythtv-users] BackEnd FrontEnd, how does it work??

zoiks2004-ivtv at yahoo.com zoiks2004-ivtv at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 13 00:29:12 EDT 2005

--- PAUL WILLIAMSON <pwilliamson at mandtbank.com> wrote:

> >>> "Monkey Pet" <monkeypet at gmail.com> 07/12/05 7:01
> PM >>>
> > I don't know about "live TV" (someone else can
> answer that
> question),
> > but all your recordings are accessible from the
> frontends.  The way
> it
> > works is that the frontend accesses the db from
> the backends through
> > the network.  Then it accesses the recording files
> through a nfs
> > mounted filesystem.  Make sure you have a fast
> enough network.
> Apaprently you don't know about Myth recordings
> either ;-)
> No nfs mounts are involved.  All playback on Myth
> frontends 
> takes place via the myth protocol.  If you want to
> watch videos 
> stored on the frontend streamed from the backend,
> THAT is 
> when you need nfs mounts.

OK now I'm confused.  My experience meshed with
monkeyboy, I mean pet, in terms of accessing
recordings.  When I installed the frontend on a
laptop, it played live TV just fine through the
backend connection, but when I tried to play a
recording, it complained about not finding /mnt/store.
 So I added a /mnt/store and nfs mounted it to the
myth backend's /mnt/store, and everything was honkey

Is there some setting I missed?

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