[mythtv-users] xorg.conf for 1280x720 HDTV

mark at onnow.net mark at onnow.net
Mon Jul 11 17:27:00 EDT 2005

Been doing lots of reading / research but not finding what I need yet. Yes
archives too....
Nvidia DVI - HDMI Toshiba 52HM84 HDTV that should do 1280x720.
I read that this command "gtf 1280 720 60" gives me a Modeline. I have that
output below:
# 1280x720 @ 60.00 Hz (GTF) hsync: 44.76 kHz; pclk: 74.48 MHz
  Modeline "1280x720_60.00"  74.48  1280 1336 1472 1664  720 721 724 746 

Now, I get a bit lost.  How do I create the xorg.conf based on this?

Any similar or sample xorg.conf ( FC3 ) out there?

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