[mythtv-users] Going HDTV! Assistance REALLY appreciated please

Greg Mitchell greg at nodecam.com
Mon Jul 11 00:03:44 EDT 2005

> HDTV source:  Bell expressview in Canada with DVI/component out

> My questions are these:
> What HDTV card is best and where to get it?  How about the HD card from 
> http://www.pchdtv.com/ ( pcHDTV™ HD-3000 ) will this work OK?  Is there 
> an easier choice?

I'll save you a lot of trouble - the pcHDTV3000 won't capture 
component/DVI out.  With expressvu you can't use Myth and High def.

Your best option is going to be to go with a cable box that has firewire 
out.  I don't have any advice on the rest of your questions though - I 
haven't got a high def set up just yet myself.


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