[mythtv-users] Going HDTV! Assistance REALLY appreciated please

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Sun Jul 10 22:27:10 EDT 2005


> Is my celeron 2.4 enough with 512 Megs RAM for HDTV?
I will be interested in this answer too.  I am using a DVB-T card that 
does HDTV.  My system is an AMD Sempron 2200 with 512 MB ram.    I find 
it is not quite managing HDTV in mythtv, I get some stuttering.  
However, I can fire up kaffeine and watch HDTV fairly well (one channel 
has a slight hesitation - the others are fine)

I suppose it might be that myth is writing to the hard disk for the 
buffer, and that is slowing it down, especially as I am using a slow old 
IDE drive (until I get a nice new 250GB SATA drive soon).

We'll see.

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