[mythtv-users] Wrong picture during liveTV

Teruel de Campo chusty at attglobal.net
Sun Jul 10 15:08:17 EDT 2005

It took me a long time to figure out where the problem was.

ref: mobo asus kv8 deluxe with 1.5 GB
amd 64 3200#
ati radeon 9600 pro
3 sata 10K rpm
SuSE 9.3

Problem: LiveTV very dark, recording very dark.


LiveTV is very dark. Pressing <G> (affects recording) a window comes with the 
first choice: brightness, the value 50% is what I had; without any changes 
suddenly the picture is ok. If I change values (<  >)the brightness change as 
suppose to.
This is the abnormal behavior of this problem:
- If I change channels, they are dark as soon as I press G are ok.
- This changes are not retained. If I go back to the channel that was ok is dark 
again, G makes it normal
- Also if I continue going though the loop pressing G as soon as color or hue 
shows the picture becomes dark again.
- If I select a channel and is dark and press G and comes with the preselected 
value of 50% for example and then I change it to 90% for example (very  light) 
and I close mythtv and watch mplayer (mplayer /dev/video0), it is very light so 
the value is pass OK the ivtv  module. If I open again mythtv and watch liveTV 
is dark as soon as I press G is very light (90%) as is supposed to be.
So it seems <G> 'activate' the values stored.
- Now if I play with the buffer in liveTV, the buffer will have whatever was in 
liveTV and you can see there the effect of pressing <G>

6.2 Recording is very dark and I do not have any way to change it.

<F> works as supposes to but can not compensate for the dark recording.

Method: trying to resolve it I removed xv, I change values in xv with xattr and 
I change anything I could think of with no effect. Because mplayer has always 
been working well I though the problem must be with mythtv. I also did many many 
  uninstall and install of both ivtv and mythtv all with no effect.

Solution: I remove ivtv and install an ivtv-0.2.0-rc3k and suddenly everything 
is OK.
I do not know when this problem has been introduced but the change was with ivtv 
and not with mythtv.

Hope it saves many days of work to some of you.


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