[mythtv-users] System Recommendations

flim flim at talktalk.net
Sun Jul 10 05:47:18 EDT 2005

Well, here's the biggie I mentioned earlier...

I've got a load of old machines lying around at home and I want to build a  
Myth system out of them.  What I'd like to do is let you guys know what  
I've got and ask you what machine you think I should use for what purpose.

My chosen O/S is SuSE at present, but this may change if another distro  
proves more useful.  I don't have a lot of money to play with, so I want  
to use what I've got to best effect and spend as little more as possible  
(don't we all?)

I've got:
NEC PowerMate desktop - 1.8GHz Celeron, 256MB RAM, 30GB & 40GB internal  
HDD, 300GB USB HDD, DVD-ROM, DVD+/-RW, standard on-board gfx & sound.   
Currently my every-day machine for surfing, downloading, office and  
multimedia functions.  Don't really want to change this (other than  
installing Myth) but I think a little more RAM might be helpful.

IBM NetVista desktop - 850MHz P3, 256MB RAM, 15GB & 8GB internal HDD,  
CD-RW, nVidia 32MB gfx, standard on-board sound.  Currently unused, but  
very quiet.

Dell GX100 desktop - ~500MHz Celeron, 256MB RAM, 10GB & 8GB internal HDD,  
CD-ROM, standard on-board gfx & sound.  Currently unused.

Dell PowerEdge 6300 server - 450MHz Xeon x2/4, 1GB RAM, 2x9GB SCSI,  
CD-ROM, standard on-board gfx, no sound.  Currently unused.

Dell PowerEdge 1300 server - 500MHz P3 x2, 256MB RAM, 2x9GB SCSI, CD-ROM,  
standard on-board gfx, no sound.  Currently unused.  SLES9 installed.

I was thinking of using one server for MySQL and Apache and the other for  
actually recording, en/de/transcoding and using the IBM as the primary  
f/e.  The Dell desktop would be a secondary f/e for another telly.

I have other bits and pieces lying around, but they're nothing special.   
There's also my housemate's laptop, but I don't think it's got the grunt  
to run anything (266MHz P2, 256MB RAM, 20GB HDD, CD-ROM).  It's got W2K  
and SuSE 9.2 Pro on it.

Please let me know your thoughts.  Any info will be appreciated.



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