[mythtv-users] HDTV Xorg timings don't change anything...

Chase Douglas cndougla at purdue.edu
Sat Jul 9 19:33:07 EDT 2005

I have an HDTV, a sanyo HT30744, which the only good video mode that
works seems to be the in540p video mode from

ModeLine "in540p" 37.26 880 944 1048 1104 480 506 520 563 +hsync +vsync

Vertically, the image is just fine on my tv. However, horizontally, the
image still spans all the way from the complete left of the actual
screen to the complete right of the actual screen. By actual screen, I
mean the whole screen that starts from an inch or so left of what you
can see going to an inch or so right of what you can see. It's
overscanned I believe. My impression is that changing the modeline would
allow me to narrow the image so it would fit nicely in the viewable area
of my screen. However, no matter what adjustments I make, the screen
just does not change in any way. I have tried using xvidtune and
manually modifying the modeline. Manually, what I usually do is decrease
the first horizontal parameter by 2x, and decrease the second horizontal
parameter by x, and increase the third parameter by x. Has anyone had
this problem and fixed it?


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