[mythtv-users] Seek jumps over 1 hour ahead!

Tom Felker tcfelker at mtco.com
Sat Jul 9 13:36:59 EDT 2005

On Saturday 09 July 2005 07:47 am, Robin Gilks wrote:
> Greetings
> I've got a weird one with a recorded show of about 4 hours. When I try to
> skip forward or edit the cutpoints, it always jumps forward 1:12:22 which
> means I can't get to edit the first hour of the show.
> I've tried "mythcommflag --video <file" and "mythcommflag --rebuild"
> having first emptied out the recordmarklist database but still no
> difference. When I enter Edit mode, there is nothing to indicate that
> there is anything special about that point.
> If I play the file from the start then its fine - just if I try to skip
> forward OR BACKWARDS (using left/right arrows or pgup/dn) whereupon I
> can't go back further than 1:12:22

It sounds like you're having the same problem I had, which I posted here 
yesterday.  Was the show transcoded to MPEG4?  Does the problem affect 
non-transcoded files?

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