[mythtv-users] IMDB Screen Scrap... legal?

Aaron Stewart acs at hourglassone.com
Fri Jul 8 17:52:18 EDT 2005

My concern is not whether or not the user has another computer.. it's
the break-up of the work.. You watch a show, then have to walk to your
computer in your (office,kitchen,bedroom,livingroom,etc) and type in a
review.  I just don't think it'll happen.  Granted, there are a select
number of users who are really quite interested in writing reviews
(hence why Amazon's reviews are thriving), but if I were to pick a
number, say 5%, of myth users who were contributing, we'd still end up
with a fairly paltry sample of data.

Speaking of which, we could just use the product reviews from amazon's
feed.. not great for brand new tv shows that aren't on DVD, but for
those that are, or for movies, etc, it would work perfectly.

And for those who actually _did_ want to write reviews, why not forward
them to amazon's review system, and reciprocate that way?


Michael Carland wrote:

> On Jul 8, 2005, at 4:36 PM, Aaron Stewart wrote:
>> Getting back to my original point.. How many people want to volunteer
>> for writing up reviews using a remote control and selecting letters
>> individually? ;)
> A remote interface that uses morse code could be written. Apologies to
> those that do not read /.
> Seriously though, even if you don't have a keyboard on your front end,
> I doubt there are many people who run myth on a frontend without a
> keyboard that do not have another machine without a keyboard. You
> could run the frontend on your desktop to write reviews with your
> keyboard, or it could be a mythweb module, and you could use the
> keyboard on your regular browser.
> As for the real point, the reviews would have to be much better than,
> for example, the product reviews on Amazon. While there are benefits
> to everyone having a voice, the spam factor also comes into play.
> -Michael
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