[mythtv-users] MythTV on XDSL on XBox

Michael Knoll michael.knoll at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 14:38:51 EDT 2005

What issues did you encounter?  I was really hoping to be able to use
XDSL, not for the fast boot time, but the read-only file system.  I
use my xbox for games and myth, and making shutting down linux
frequent, and a pain.  Anyone know of any other xbox live cds that are
expandable with packages?

On 7/7/05, Jamison Ables <mythlist at alltel.net> wrote:
> Ok I just thought that I would post back and say that it has been slow
> going. XDSL takes alot more modification than I orginally anticapated.
> Its to the  point were it doesnt look much like xdsl but more like
> debian. The boot times still aren't bad but its still would take more
> work and right now I can't see it being worth it with a proven solution
> like mythtv-xbox. Sorry to get everyones hopes up and I will keep
> tinkering but dont expect anything. If you want to play with it, be my
> guest but I feel that you will soon find some of the problems I ran into.
> Jamison Ables
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