[mythtv-users] MythTV on XDSL on XBox

Jamison Ables mythlist at alltel.net
Thu Jul 7 20:06:02 EDT 2005

Ok I just thought that I would post back and say that it has been slow
going. XDSL takes alot more modification than I orginally anticapated. 
Its to the  point were it doesnt look much like xdsl but more like
debian. The boot times still aren't bad but its still would take more
work and right now I can't see it being worth it with a proven solution
like mythtv-xbox. Sorry to get everyones hopes up and I will keep
tinkering but dont expect anything. If you want to play with it, be my
guest but I feel that you will soon find some of the problems I ran into.

Jamison Ables

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