[mythtv-users] Myxer Update - added Nuvola style and Myxer Web Configurator PHP files

Alex Brekken brekkal at gmail.com
Fri Jul 8 09:48:48 EDT 2005

Dave, maybe a random question here but is there a way through Myxer to
change the background/look & feel of the Program Guide?  My assumption
is no, but I thought I'd check in case I missed something.  I
absolutely love Myxer (and Titivillius), but I'm only so-so on the
EPG.  If I could somehow swap-in the "Visor" background for the EPG,
while retaining everything else I'd be in heaven.  Thanks,


On 7/7/05, Dave Hofstra <dhofstra at gmail.com> wrote:
>      I have updated the Myxer theme again, this time adding graphics
> from the Nuvola theme.  (With permission from Nuvola's author).  The
> actual Nuvola theme can be found here:
> http://www.umich2.com/files/2005/05/updated_nuvola.html  if you want
> the whole theme instead of Myxer's skinning of it.
>      I have also added Stef Coene's awesom PHP web Configurator for
> Myxer. ( http://www.docum.org/staf/mythtv ) It allows you to preview
> your changes right in your PHP enabled webserver.  Very Cool!  Please
> try this thing out on your local webserver so we dont hammer poor
> Stef's bandwidth on his server.
>      I also did some minor (unnoticeable) enhancements to the
> watermark naming in the theme.xml files.
>      I still want to add more iconsets, but I really wont have much
> time for about another month.  I also want to incorporate Stef's PHP
> output as an option in myxerCustomizer for easier application of what
> you do inside his scripts.  Shouldn't be very hard at all.
> http://lisadaveh.home.comcast.net/myxer/
> Believe it or not, alot of work went into this release, and not much
> testing, so if you find something that doesn't work, please let me
> know right away.
> Have Fun!
> Dave Hofstra
> ---- Lengthy revision text below -----
> 07/07/05
>          Added Nuvola items (Watermarks, Background, and Buttons).
> Much thanks goes out to Nuvola's creator for letting me use these
> fantastic graphics.  There are many other things I could add from the
> Nuvola themeset (like theme.xml, arrows, and some of the UI stuff) but
> for now, I think the additions are fine.  The homepage for the actual
> Nuvola theme is
> http://www.umich2.com/files/2005/05/updated_nuvola.html .  Check it
> out if you like it, as the actual Nuvola theme has quite a bit more
> differences than the current Myxer can make available.  You can select
> the pre-made Nuvola Myxer style by using option #7
> "Apply_Pre-Built_Skin_Sets" area of the main menu.  Of course, all the
> graphics are individually selectable also.
>          I have also included the excellent Myxer Configurator PHP
> files that were created by Stef Coene.  These files, when dropped into
> a PHP enabled webserver, will allow you to 'play around' with all the
> aspects of Myxer using a web interface.  (Imagine seeing thumbnail
> previews of all the available graphics in Myxer and making a preview
> of your final items.)  I will have to work on integrating this somehow
> into myxer, where once you pick the files in the PHP pages, you could
> paste the output into MyxerCustomizer.  This should be really easy,
> but I haven't had alot of time lately.  If you need installation
> instructions, check out
> http://www.docum.org/staf/blog/index.php?catid=2&blogid=1 and he also
> has an online version of the PHP files here
> http://www.docum.org/staf/mythtv/  (but I assume it'd be nicer and
> faster on your own server as well as not hammering his server.)  Just
> extract the "myxer_web_configurator.tar" file found in the
> MyxerCustomizer directory and put the folder in your php enabled
> webserver.  This thing is VERY cool, much thanks goes out to Stef for
> a job well done!
>          I also have updated the theme.xml files to allow more variety in
> available watermarks within Myth (although only nuvola watermarks are
> currently using the newly available ones).  Let me know if I screwed
> anything up.  While I was in there, I added a watermark for Video
> Gallery which was somehow missing.
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