[mythtv-users] Myxer Update - added Nuvola style and Myxer Web Configurator PHP files

Dave Hofstra dhofstra at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 23:11:20 EDT 2005

     I have updated the Myxer theme again, this time adding graphics
from the Nuvola theme.  (With permission from Nuvola's author).  The
actual Nuvola theme can be found here: 
http://www.umich2.com/files/2005/05/updated_nuvola.html  if you want
the whole theme instead of Myxer's skinning of it.
     I have also added Stef Coene's awesom PHP web Configurator for
Myxer. ( http://www.docum.org/staf/mythtv ) It allows you to preview
your changes right in your PHP enabled webserver.  Very Cool!  Please
try this thing out on your local webserver so we dont hammer poor
Stef's bandwidth on his server.
     I also did some minor (unnoticeable) enhancements to the
watermark naming in the theme.xml files.
     I still want to add more iconsets, but I really wont have much
time for about another month.  I also want to incorporate Stef's PHP
output as an option in myxerCustomizer for easier application of what
you do inside his scripts.  Shouldn't be very hard at all.


Believe it or not, alot of work went into this release, and not much
testing, so if you find something that doesn't work, please let me
know right away.

Have Fun!

Dave Hofstra

---- Lengthy revision text below -----
         Added Nuvola items (Watermarks, Background, and Buttons).
Much thanks goes out to Nuvola's creator for letting me use these
fantastic graphics.  There are many other things I could add from the
Nuvola themeset (like theme.xml, arrows, and some of the UI stuff) but
for now, I think the additions are fine.  The homepage for the actual
Nuvola theme is
http://www.umich2.com/files/2005/05/updated_nuvola.html .  Check it
out if you like it, as the actual Nuvola theme has quite a bit more
differences than the current Myxer can make available.  You can select
the pre-made Nuvola Myxer style by using option #7
"Apply_Pre-Built_Skin_Sets" area of the main menu.  Of course, all the
graphics are individually selectable also.
         I have also included the excellent Myxer Configurator PHP
files that were created by Stef Coene.  These files, when dropped into
a PHP enabled webserver, will allow you to 'play around' with all the
aspects of Myxer using a web interface.  (Imagine seeing thumbnail
previews of all the available graphics in Myxer and making a preview
of your final items.)  I will have to work on integrating this somehow
into myxer, where once you pick the files in the PHP pages, you could
paste the output into MyxerCustomizer.  This should be really easy,
but I haven't had alot of time lately.  If you need installation
instructions, check out
http://www.docum.org/staf/blog/index.php?catid=2&blogid=1 and he also
has an online version of the PHP files here
http://www.docum.org/staf/mythtv/  (but I assume it'd be nicer and
faster on your own server as well as not hammering his server.)  Just
extract the "myxer_web_configurator.tar" file found in the
MyxerCustomizer directory and put the folder in your php enabled
webserver.  This thing is VERY cool, much thanks goes out to Stef for
a job well done!
	 I also have updated the theme.xml files to allow more variety in
available watermarks within Myth (although only nuvola watermarks are
currently using the newly available ones).  Let me know if I screwed
anything up.  While I was in there, I added a watermark for Video
Gallery which was somehow missing.

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