[mythtv-users] Sync/stutter when both tuners record? WAF crashing and burning

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Jul 7 22:11:46 EDT 2005

George Nassas wrote:

> On 7-Jul-05, at 3:33 PM, Steve Pugh wrote:
>>  Is there a way to check which tuner recorded what program?
> mysql -u mythtv -pmythtv mythconverg
> select chanid, title from recorded;
> quit
> The first digit of the chanid is the device that did the recording. 
> Or, you could do this:
> select * from channel where chanid = 1234;
> once you know what chanid your show was on and you can match the 
> sourceid with what's in the cardid table.

This only works if you have a different source for each encoder.  I have 
two PVR-x50's both recording from two DISH receivers, so I only have one 
source (DISH channel data provided by datadirect).  Therefore, all my 
recordings--regardless of which encoder recorded them--have chanid's in 
the 1000-1300 range...

> "describe <tablename>" is good for finding out what info is available.

But, unfortunately, it doesn't tell you if your interpretation of the 
available info is correct.  ;)

TTBOMK, there's no way to find out which encoder was used to record your 
recordings (other than in special circumstances, as above).


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