[mythtv-users] "Feature Idea - P2P" Bad Idea

Nick Rout nick at rout.co.nz
Thu Jul 7 17:21:00 EDT 2005

On Thu, 07 Jul 2005 10:29:59 -0600
Matt Grommes wrote:

> gLaNDix (Jesse Kaufman) wrote:
> > Nick Rout wrote:
> > 
> >> If you want to share programs you have recorded with myth, do so outside
> >> the immediate myth environment.
> > 
> > exactly ... does it really need to be integrated?  up until now it 
> > really hasn't, and it works just fine with movies/shows downloaded via 
> > bittorrent (not that i'd know, of course ;) ...)
> > 
> > if people really want to do that, they can fire up azureus, bitcomet, 
> > bit tornado, or any of the other many, many, many bittorrent clients and 
> > still use myth to view/organize them
> The point is to have a seemless environment to download/watch/organize 
> content off the net the same as you have to watch 
> over-the-air/cable/etc. The net is just another distribution channel. 
> There is plenty of stuff out there (systm, From the  Shadows, etc.) 
> which is perfectly legal and distributed on the net. With cheap digital 
> video cameras and software like iMovie, there will only be more coming. 
> Look at podcasting if you've heard of that. Thousands of hours of audio 
> programming being created by users and distributed over the net. One of 
> the pvrs _will_ have an integrated way to get net content, you can be 
> sure of that. If Myth doesn't have it, it'll be one more reason for 
> people not to use it.

the conversation was not about getting content from elsewhere, it was
about seeding copyrighted programs once you have recorded them.

Nick Rout

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