[mythtv-users] Playing image(.iso) file in Mythvideo

Neil neil-on-mythtv at restricted.dyndns.org
Thu Jul 7 12:04:09 EDT 2005

Hi Daniel, 

I'll try your xine settings tonight. 

Last night, I tried to change mplayer settings in mythtv settings table. I 
created a matrix.iso file of Matrix Revolution. I placed the matrix.iso in 
/video/dvd. I went to mythvideo and saw a matrix yellow folder. :) However, 
when I clicked it, I saw a small rectangle with droplets on the left and 
some info on the right. IIRC, runtime was 0, year was a question mark, and 
so on. I clicked it again and saw the text "Loading ..." but it went away so 
quickly. It never got played. 

Any ideas what I am missing? 



Daniel Segel writes: 

> My messages to the list keep getting bounced, so I'm sending this to you 
> directly. 
> This is what I use: 
> db: mythconverg
> table: settings 
> UPDATE `settings` SET `data` = '/usr/bin/xine -pfhq -V xshm --no-splash
> dvd:/%s' WHERE `value` = 'VideoDefaultPlayer' AND `hostname` = 'mythtv'
> LIMIT 1 ; 
> My mythtv box hostname is 'mythtv' in this case. 
> Daniel 
> Neil wrote: 
>> Can you please tell me what table/field/parameter I should be modifying 
>> in sql in order for me to play .iso file via mplayer or xine? The reason 
>> I'm modifying it in the database is because, I don't have a keyboard in 
>> my mythbox. Also, can you guys please paste what parameters xine or 
>> mplayer should have in order to play .iso files?
>> Thanks in advance!
>> Neil

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