[mythtv-users] hdtv from a cable box

Andy Alsup aalsup at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 02:47:59 EDT 2005

Comcast will not authorize receivers they didn't provide you.  You
have to get it from them.  You want the Motorola DCT 6200.  The person
who takes your order won't know what firewire is, and probably can't
guarantee they will deliver a box with it, but whatever they bring
you, you can take it back to the office and try to exchange it if it
doesn't have FW.  You might avoid a tech visit and offer to come pick
up the receiver yourself.  That way you could make sure you get a 6200
on the spot.  You won't know if the firewire is enabled until you test
it yourself though.

As far as whether all the channels are output on firewire, I think
this depends on the area you are in.  In Seattle, I don't know of any
channels that aren't output on firewire -- even the analog 2 - 99 are
encoded to mpeg2.

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