[mythtv-users] hdtv from a cable box

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Wed Jul 6 21:37:37 EDT 2005

SamS wrote:

>I can't seem to find a clear answer on this, so I'll just ask. 
>Currently, I have a cable box that I control with an IRBlaster so that
>mythtv can change the channels and all that.  Works great.  Now that I
>have a new HDTV big screen, I would like to order the HDTV channels from
>Comcast.  This would mean a new cable box. 
>Is it possible to control an HD cable box with an irblaster and capture
>the HDTV output using a card like the pcHDTV HD-3000 just like I am
>currently doing with my PVR-250 and the old cable box.  Or is the only
>HD content I will ever be able to capture going to be the OTA signals I
>get from the antena?
The pcHDTV cards can capture OTA signals and, by some accounts, 
unencrypted QAM cable content.  Whether your provider delivers the HDTV 
content to you via unencrypted QAM is questionable.  That being said, 
probably the best way to get HDTV into your Myth box from a cable 
provider is firewire.  Get a new cable box with firewire outputs, make 
sure the cable provider outputs the HDTV content unencrypted via the 
firewire port, and you should be good to go.


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