[mythtv-users] hdtv from a cable box

Ian Forde ian at duckland.org
Wed Jul 6 21:24:04 EDT 2005

On Wed, 2005-07-06 at 21:09 -0400, SamS wrote:
> I can't seem to find a clear answer on this, so I'll just ask. 
> Currently, I have a cable box that I control with an IRBlaster so that
> mythtv can change the channels and all that.  Works great.  Now that I
> have a new HDTV big screen, I would like to order the HDTV channels from
> Comcast.  This would mean a new cable box. 
> Is it possible to control an HD cable box with an irblaster and capture
> the HDTV output using a card like the pcHDTV HD-3000 just like I am
> currently doing with my PVR-250 and the old cable box.  Or is the only
> HD content I will ever be able to capture going to be the OTA signals I
> get from the antena?
> It just seems like it would work the same since the HDTV signal coming
> out of the cable box to the tv could just be captured by the myth box in
> the exact same way the old pvr250 did, right?  I'm not trying to capture
> the output with a firewire cable or anything fancy like that.

Uhhh... why not do firewire?  Just ask them for a cable box with
firewire, connect to your backend, and you can both capture AND change
channels over firewire.  It's been fine for me for about 4 months...
I've just started doing DVB with my HD-3000 card and I'm getting mixed
results so far.  I predict lots more tweaking of channel settings for me
this weekend...


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