[mythtv-users] Re: ffmpeg or nuvexport as a user job

Lawrence Campbell larryc at cstech.org
Wed Jul 6 20:24:42 EDT 2005

> um, turn off --confirm, for one..   and could always add a
> "1>&2 2>/dev/null" to the end of it

That did the trick Chris, thanks.  I misread your man page: for
--confirm I thought it was used to keep dialog from needing
confirmation.  Here's my complete line and it works fine:

nuvexport --infile=%FILE% --cutlist --path=/myth/nuvexport/nuv2psp/ --nice=19 --mode=psp --deinterlace --noise_reduction --crop > /dev/null

Thanks for the hard work on nuvexport, it's knocked several items off
my wishlist at once :)

Lawrence Campbell

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