[mythtv-users] a few fuzzy channels

wmaccormack at comcast.net wmaccormack at comcast.net
Wed Jul 6 09:31:41 EDT 2005

Better yet, I took my card and plugged it into a known good machine, still fuzzy channels.  I also took a known good card and plugged it into my configuration, still fuzzy.  So it's definitely the card, which I don't understand because I just got this thing up and running.  I'm in the process of contacting Hauppauge now to see about a replacement.

Thanks for the info about Comcast.  It may come in useful in the future.

> When I've had a similar problem it was due to a bad coax cable (actually
> whose shielding - about 2" of it - had been stripped from it by a curious
> critter outside the house)
> >From what I understand from a friend of mine at a local TV station.. it
> doesn't take much to corrupt or introduce noise into a signal.. and by
> chance.. 69-70 seem to be an issue (or at least the most sensitive to noise)
> according to a tech from Comcast (who found the critter damage).
> I would start by making a connection directly from your source feed (without
> any splitters & amps (these 2 can be especially nasty), splices.. etc with a
> KNOWN GOOD cable. And see if the problem changes/goes away.
> If it does.. you know the solution.. if it doesn't.. well.. Got me.. Get a
> Comcast Tech out there and see if they can find something before your house.
> ;)
> - Michael
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> > 
> > Almost there!!
> > 
> > I've got a WinTV-PVR350, using kernel 2.6.9 vanilla, Myth 0.18-1,
> > ivtv-0.2.0-rc3j.  Everything is up and running on my dual screen setup.  Yay!
> > Here's the problem. . .
> > 
> > I've got a couple of fuzzy channels (ch 69 and 70).  Unfortunately those are
> > channels I like and may want to record stuff on.  My cable is split coming
> > into the house, I've got a signal booster, and then another split, out to TV
> > and WinTV card (same type of cable).  When I watch those channels on regular
> > TV the picture is clear, but when I watch them through myth, they're fuzzy.
> > 
> > I've tried using us-cable and us-cable-hrc(I think that's what it's called),
> > no love.  I did a bit of google searching and saw that it may be caused by
> > noise coming from other pci cards (sound) or my video card (NVidia GeForce
> > FX5200 AGP).  I've now removed my sound card (don't need it) and placed the
> > WinTV card as far as possible away from my video card.
> > 
> > The gods of google also mentioned that it may be a frequency issue within
> > Myth, but I have absolutely no idea how to change those by hand.
> > 
> > Has anyone else had this type of problem, or know how to fix it?
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