AW: [mythtv-users] Problems with EPG

Mattia Martinello liste at
Tue Jul 5 06:45:48 EDT 2005

pschormeir at ha scritto:

>Solution :
>There is a piece of code in siparser.cpp which seems to break the program
>guide under certain circumstances. (first found by Kristian Kalweit) The
>problem was solved by commenting out some lines of code in this file (just
>search for Kalweit in /libs/libmythtv/siparser.cpp and you will end up at
>the critical point)
>After recompiling the altered source code, the EPG is working like a charm.
I commented out these lines:

//The following was found to break EIT guide for
// Kristian Kalweit <kalweit at>
    if (n.LinkageType == 4)
        PrivateTypes.GuideOnSingleTransport = true;
        PrivateTypes.GuideTransportID = n.LinkageTransportID;

but it doesn't work...
In the program guide I don't see anything, and in the OSD (when I press 
the "I" key) i only see "unknown"...

Is there a way to get EPG working in MythTV? :-(
Plese help me...

Thank you very much.

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