[mythtv-users] Re: Query on slave backends and shutdown

Fredrik Karlsson dargosch at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 04:07:28 EDT 2005


I might be wrong here, but there seems to be very little difference
between your slave backend and a standalone box (everything in the
same box) like the one I have.
The only difference is that the mysql server is on a different machine.
So, I would configure nvram-wakeup on the slave. The slave will shut
down after a preconfigured period of time after you've killed the
frontend and them wake up again when it is supposed to record.
Then we have to make sure that the master backend does not do the same
thing as the slave. I can think of two ways (both untested):

1) Set the shutdown command to /sbin/myththalt or something and copy
halt to that name only on the slave.

2) There is an option of a pre-shutdown test script in the same setup
screen as the wakeup command. Make a script that returns 0 only if the
hostname is that of the slave, copy that small script to the same
location on both machines and enter the test script location in

Hope one of them will work for you.


On 7/4/05, Malcolm Smith <malc at porsche.demon.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've had a twin backend running well for a few versions now.. the setup 
> is ...
> Master
>  - Master backend, no frontend
>  - One tvcard - highest priority
>  - Mysql server
>  - on 24x7 as it's the family fileserver as well
>  - hidden in the garage, not used for display
> Slave
>  - Backend
>  - Frontend
>  - 2 cards, including a card with different channels
>  - No wake on Lan available
>  - Want to turn this off when not in use
> I've looked at the docs on shutdown/wakeup, but this seems to be for 
> turning off all of the network. Obviously I only want to turn off the 
> slave... I don't want to shutdown the master server at all.
> I've got nvram-wakeup working, but how does the slave know when to 
> shutdown? Can I use a script to spot when there is a window for shutdown 
> and set a restart time for the next recording?
> -malc-
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