[mythtv-users] Query on slave backends and shutdown

Malcolm Smith malc at porsche.demon.co.uk
Mon Jul 4 12:09:41 EDT 2005


I've had a twin backend running well for a few versions now.. the setup 
is ...

 - Master backend, no frontend
 - One tvcard - highest priority
 - Mysql server
 - on 24x7 as it's the family fileserver as well
 - hidden in the garage, not used for display

 - Backend
 - Frontend
 - 2 cards, including a card with different channels
 - No wake on Lan available
 - Want to turn this off when not in use

I've looked at the docs on shutdown/wakeup, but this seems to be for 
turning off all of the network. Obviously I only want to turn off the 
slave... I don't want to shutdown the master server at all.

I've got nvram-wakeup working, but how does the slave know when to 
shutdown? Can I use a script to spot when there is a window for shutdown 
and set a restart time for the next recording?


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