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Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 23:46:00 EDT 2005

On 7/2/05, PAUL WILLIAMSON <pwilliamson at mandtbank.com> wrote:
> >>> lopemanc at swbell.net 07/01/05 10:15 PM >>>
> > Thank you all for your responses.  This has been extremely
> > helpful and the fog is starting to clear.
> >
> > Paul thanks for your suggestion of dumping my 300 cd carousel.
> > I like the carousel but I like the idea better and it should only
> > take about 150 gig hd to do it.  Does mythtv or some addon
> > piece of software automatically download all the track title and
> > artist info and allow you to search your CDs on HD to find and
> > play music?
> Yep.  MythMusic will do it all.  It is a bit clunky for my tastes,
> but it gets the job done and the visualizations a good for
> parties.
> > Also Paul, you stated at one time that "you dare anybody to
> > tell the difference between a dedicated DVD and MythTV playing
> > it".  Is this from the DVD drive or after you copied it ot HD.  Later
> This is from after copying it as a "perfect" copy.  I guess it could
> be directly from the DVD drive as well.  I hadn't thought about
> that - as the process is pretty much the same.
> > you mention that HD is worth the image loss.  Please clarify.
> Typically when I rip a DVD, I use the next-to-the-top setting.
> I can't remember what it is called, but it is a very good copy
> of the original but skips the menus.  If I really want to keep
> the menus, I use the top setting.  No image loss.
> > Somebody mentioned that Linux DVD players are not up to par.
> There isn't really any such thing as a "linux dvd player" so
> much as there are linux software players that can play
> DVDs.  Xine (IMHO) is as good as any software player
> out there, windows players included.  There may be a
> *slight* difference between my Denon and Xine, but
> not so much that I want to go back to using it.  I'm
> actually thinking of selling it to finance some additional
> (probably 3 or 4) frontends.
> > If you found one that is please inform us.  We rent a lot of DVD
> > and I can't see copying them all to HD before playing them.
> No need to do that.  You can set up your system to automatically
> launch xine when a dvd is inserted into a frontend.
> >
> >Thanks again for all the help,
> No problemo.  Remember these are just my opinions...
> >Chris Lopeman
> Paul
> _______________________________________________

I'm a huge Onkyo fan.  I love their recievers.  My brother got the
HTIAB rig from them with an almost replica reciever for about the same
price.  I almost killed him, he knows better than to get those ;) 
Anyway, I went to check it out, and there are a few qualities that my
reciever has that his doesn't that I would definitely want.  What I'm
basically saying is that even though I love Onkyo, I wouldn't get
their all-in-one solution.  Get the reciever you want.  I disagree
with the above about the speakers.  I find it easier to upgrade the
speakers later, spend big on the reciever now.  But, a good point is
made that speakers are what you hear, reciever is what you route your
components through, so to each their own.  I ended up eventually
getting some JBL Home 6.1 Home Theatre speakers off ebay for ~300
bucks, they retailed for ~800 so it was a good deal ;)  They sound
extremely good, and I don't attribute it all to the speakers, the
reciever has a lot to do with it.

Anyway, my 2 cents on that side of things...  


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