[mythtv-users] Recording the wrong program on the wrong encoder?

Piers Kittel mythtv at biased.org
Sun Jul 3 09:25:09 EDT 2005


> OK.  This sounds like a problem with your external channel change 
> (script/transmitter or serial link/STB).  If Myth said it's going to 
> record on channel 4, but recorded 3, it wasn't Myth's doing.

No it isn't.  It works perfectly fine when I use it for Live TV, and it 
works perfectly fine for all other channels.  It only breaks when I want 
to record something from Channel 1004 (i.e. Channel 4 as in the name of 
the broadcaster) on encoder 2, but it records Channel 3 (i.e. ITV) on 
encoder 1.

> OK.  Then this means that--regardless of recording type--when Myth 
> identifies that two channels are the same, it will *always* use the 
> preferred encoder.  The more I think about it, the more that seems the 
> sensible way to program it.

That's fine, but it *only* happens for Channel 1004.  If I want to 
record something from Channel 1001, it shows that it will record from 
Channel 1001, and does so.  If I want to record from Channel 1024, it 
shows that it will record from Channel 1024 and does so.  It *only* 
happens on Channel 1004, it will show that it will record from Channel 
4, but records from Channel 3.

> The only time encoder 2 will be used is when encoder 1 is already in 
> use.  By default, encoder 1 is used (basically, encoders are chosen by 
> priority, but in the event of a tie, the lowest-numbered encoder is used).

I have set Encoder 2 as higher priority.


Cheers - Piers

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