[mythtv-users] Recording the wrong program on the wrong encoder?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Jul 2 21:28:19 EDT 2005

Piers Kittel wrote:

> Thing is that encoder 1 is set up properly and working fine, and 
> encoder 2 is experimental, I don't mind if I lose all the rubbish I 
> record on that, but the good things I use encoder 1.
> Anyway, no it wasn't a typo.  I told it to use channel 1004, but 
> recorded channel 3 (i.e. ITV), even tho the "recording schedules" said 
> channel 4 (i.e. encoder 1 channel 4)

OK.  This sounds like a problem with your external channel change 
(script/transmitter or serial link/STB).  If Myth said it's going to 
record on channel 4, but recorded 3, it wasn't Myth's doing.

>> The difference is not the channel--it's the recording rule.  Because 
>> it's a record once, it records that particular showing.  If it were a 
>> find once (or record always, etc.), it might record from the other 
>> encoder.
> Actually, no.  I only tried the "Find" rule to see if it solved the 
> problem, but it didn't.  Here you go...
> T4:Hollyoaks      1004 - Channel 4      Default      Default      Once
> 1      T4:Hollyoaks      4 - Channel 4      Sun Jul 3, 2005 (10:20 
> AM)      2 hrs 35 mins      Don't Record      Never Record
> Even with an "Once" recording rule, it still will record from Channel 
> 4 not Channel 1004.

OK.  Then this means that--regardless of recording type--when Myth 
identifies that two channels are the same, it will *always* use the 
preferred encoder.  The more I think about it, the more that seems the 
sensible way to program it.

>> Setting up the different channels is not accomplishing anything.  I 
>> recommend deleting the 10XX channels and reassigning the input on 
>> encoder 2 to the same as encoder 1.
> Ok.  How exactly can I do this?  Encoder 2 is easy as it's an DVB 
> card, but Encoder 1 is an PVR card recording from an external digtial 
> STB...

OK, if they really are different sources, then leave it that way.  (I 
thought you only created a different source to allow yourself to specify 
which encoder to use.)

The only time encoder 2 will be used is when encoder 1 is already in 
use.  By default, encoder 1 is used (basically, encoders are chosen by 
priority, but in the event of a tie, the lowest-numbered encoder is used).

You can set encoder priorities using mythtv-setup and you can tell it to 
use the least-preferred encoder for LiveTV (something about minimize 
encoder conflicts with LiveTV), but otherwise, Myth will choose the 
lowest-numbered available encoder for all recordings.


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