[mythtv-users] drive layout (partitions and filsystem types)

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 04:13:16 EDT 2005

> See from a knoppmyth/pvr-500 howto that I should have partitions for /cache
> and /myth:
>      select "New, Primary" with the size of your / partition
>     arrow down to free space
>     select "New, Logical" enter 500
>     arrow over to type and select swap from the list
>     arrow down to free space again
>     select "New, Logical" enter 10gb for /cache
>     arrow down to free space once more
>     select "New, Logical" and use the rest of the space for /myth
> WAs a little surprised that the howto recommends using ext2:
>    mke2fs -O sparse_super -m0 -i8000000 -L cache -M /cache /dev/hdaX
>     mke2fs -j -O sparse_super -m0 -i8000000 -L myth -M /myth /dev/hdaX
> Is this really the most efficient filesystem type for the purpose?

A quick glance at the man page shows that mle2fs -j means create a
ext3 journalling file system. Don't nkow why /cache would be ext2,

Also, note that xfs is usually recommended for the recordings
partitions as it is able to delete large files quickly.


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