[mythtv-users] drive layout (partitions and filsystem types)

Marius Schrecker masch at tiscali.no
Sun Jul 3 03:36:36 EDT 2005


See from a knoppmyth/pvr-500 howto that I should have partitions for /cache
and /myth:

      select "New, Primary" with the size of your / partition
     arrow down to free space
     select "New, Logical" enter 500
     arrow over to type and select swap from the list
     arrow down to free space again
     select "New, Logical" enter 10gb for /cache
     arrow down to free space once more
     select "New, Logical" and use the rest of the space for /myth

WAs a little surprised that the howto recommends using ext2:

    mke2fs -O sparse_super -m0 -i8000000 -L cache -M /cache /dev/hdaX

     mke2fs -j -O sparse_super -m0 -i8000000 -L myth -M /myth /dev/hdaX

Is this really the most efficient filesystem type for the purpose?


Registered Linux user

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