[mythtv-users] Cutpoints delayed & bad commercial flagging

David Whyte david.whyte at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 03:25:39 EDT 2005

Hey Matt, where are you from?

Your issues look almost identical to ones I have had with both
cutpoints and comm flagging.

I put the flagging down to the crazy aussie broadcasters.  I thought
the cut-points must also be casued by the aussie DVB-T streams or
something, otherwise, it would have surely been fixed if it was


On 7/3/05, Matthew Carle <matthew_carle at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I usually put cutpoints into a movie before I watch it so I can just let it
> run (I don't transcode). The problem is that it always plays about 10
> seconds after the "delete after this point" cutpoints. The "delete before
> this point" cutpoints don't appear to have the problem (certainly not to the
> same degree - I havn't noticed it).
> I have also tried a transcode which also results in the delay.
> Is this a software limitation or is something not working right?
> I also have another issue which may be related. Commercial flagging nearly
> always detects commercials as starting and ending too early (averaging 20-30
> seconds). I don't think I've ever seen a commercial break flagged correctly.
> Is this normal? I am using the "all" method of flagging.
> The TV source is a DVB card and is hence in mpeg-2. I am in Australia and
> using MythTV 0.18.1.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Matthew.
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