[mythtv-users] Stuttering/A'V out of synch, but only after fast forward.

Henrik Bentel hbentel.ml at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 02:48:00 EDT 2005


Like a lot of other people I have the prebuffer pauses during playback
of my recordings on my frontend.
The stuttering happens every 3-5 seconds. 
So I have printouts like these:

2005-07-02 23:06:25.654 A/V diverged by -3.39277 frames, dropping
frame to keep audio in sync
2005-07-02 23:06:25.654 A/V diverged by -3.0241 frames, dropping frame
to keep audio in sync
2005-07-02 23:06:25.793 prebuffering pause
2005-07-02 23:06:25.794 waiting for prebuffer...
2005-07-02 23:06:25.928 prebuffer wait timed out..

The funny thing is that the stuttering only starts AFTER I rewind or
fast forward.
I start playing  a recording without touching the remote, and it plays
fine. But as soon as I hit fast forward and the recording starts
playing again the stuttering starts.
On additional strange thing is that if, while the stuttering is going
on, I use Alt-TAB to change to a terminal to check for example what
'top' prints out and then switch back, the stuttering dissapears?!?
Really odd, and not a good workaround.

I've read a bunch of posts in the email list and I have pretty much
tried every on/off combination of settings that people have suggested:
extra audio buffer, interlace, libmpeg2, enable realtime, video as
timebase, enable openGL as vertical, hardware XvMC decode, seek to
exact frame, etc, etc.
Running mythfrontend as root changes nothing. CPU usage during
playback is less than 50%.
I also took my bitrate down from like 5000 to 2800, no help. 
Played with audio quality to see if that helped, no dice.

I have an Asus Pundit-R with a Celeron 2.4 Ghz. I have an external
SOundblaster USB live card(I've also tried with the onboard one, same
issue) , and I even put in a Nvidia MX4 PCI card since the onboard ATI
video card is for shit( or rather, the driver is).
I have a 100Mbits connection between my Pundit frontent and the mythtv
server, so it isn't the network.
I run Fedora Core 3, all latest updates. kernel 2.6.11-1.27_FC3.
Playback on the backend server is fine, no stuttering.

Does anyone have any ideas what I can try next?

Henrik Bentel

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