[mythtv-users] Video out issue with mythfrontend

wmaccormack at comcast.net wmaccormack at comcast.net
Fri Jul 1 14:13:45 EDT 2005

Hi folks.  I'm running linux kernel 2.6.9 vanilla, with a WinTV-PVR350 card.  My video card is a GEForce FX5200, and I've got a dual headed configuration.  Myth version 0.18.1-3.  All of my modules load correctly, and most everything works except for one thing.  If I start mythfrontend on my monitor and select watch tv, everything is cool -- good video, good audio, etc. . .  

When I start the mythfrontend on my tv (by typing "env DISPLAY=:0.1 mythfronend &") the frontend starts fine, no errors or anything.  If I select watch tv, it starts out great.  good video, good audio, but when I move my mouse over to the television, my video goes away and is replaced by a big black box, audio still works though.  It looks like it's trying to bring some kind of window to the foreground.  I've checked the settings in mythfrontend and everything looks good to me, but maybe there's something I'm missing.

Has anyone else run into this kind of problem?

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