[mythtv-users] On Line EPG Getting Stuck

Dave Ansell dave at theansells.com
Fri Jul 1 14:20:16 EDT 2005


     For the last couple of weeks I have been having problems with the 
on-air EPG (UK).

     Normally it should have one week of data, but every so often it seems 
to stop updating so that the later days have no data.  Sometimes several 
days at the end (of the 7 day period) will be missing, either for all 
channels or sometimes just a few channels.

   I cannot see any obvious problem with the EPG data when viewing from the 
Set Top Box.

  The really wierd thing is that if I completely reboot my myth backend the 
the gaps usually get filled in shortly afterwards.  It is as if something 
"gets stuck" and rebooting releases it.

   I can't track the problem back to any specific Myth release, but I am 
currently on mythtv-backend-0.18.1-113.rhfc3.at, Fedora FC3.

   Any ideas?  It is a pain having to keep watching the EPG to make sure I 
don't miss recordings due to missing EPG data and I can't really be bothered 
setting up the xmltv grabber instead.


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